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I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write this, it has taken me a while to come down from the elated sense of being that I have been in since this unforgettable weekend. Our official “Thank You” will follow in due course, however, in the interim, something had to be said. I wanted to start off by saying that words will never truly be able to express what I am feeling at this very moment. There is no possible way that I can convey my gratitude through an email. This weekend was completely magical and it would not have been possible without you.

For years I have wondered what my proposal would entail. Like many women, I dreamt of the moment for years. Never could I have imagined something so perfect. Thank you all that you did to ensure that the moment exceeded any expectation I could have ever set. I would also like to thank you for something that you yourself may not even be aware of, your energy. From the moment that I met you your warmth embraced me, only adding to the magic. Both yourself and Alain became an unforgettable part of our moment. I must admit, it was hard to say goodbye to the both of you. Whenever I look back at my special day I will remember the two of you. The both of you went above and beyond to ensure that no stone went unturned.

Your kindness was genuine and not manufactured in the slightest, the both of you truly enjoy what you do and it shows. I can only hope that countless more couples will be lucky enough to be graced with your magic. You are truly blessed to be a part of so much happiness on a day to day basis and to be honest, I cannot imagine a more perfect job for you. From the bottom of our hearts…thank you. There are just no other words that can be said that will make you understand how you have changed my life forever.

With all of our Love,”
Nav and Mike