Your Quebec marriage will be officiated by an experienced, fluent English-speaking celebrant in accordance with the civil registration of the Quebec Government:

• THE PRE-CEREMONY preparation phase of your marriage in Quebec:
Once your wedding date, ceremony location and time are confirmed, your wedding celebrant will proceed with the required paper work. You will be required to provide us a copy of both your birth certificates (divorce papers or certificate of death of a former spouse should it be the case). Your wedding celebrant will be taken care of all legal procedures required for the civil registration of your marriage in Quebec on your behalf. The publication of your marriage will be published 20 days prior to your wedding date as required by law. We will create your marriage document file and we will then follow up with you by telephone or by email should we require any additional information. Two witnesses will be on site as required by law, Isabelle and her assistant will gladly be your witnesses should there be no guests in attendance. *Please note that you don’t need a marriage license to be married in Quebec.

• THE CELEBRATION OF YOUR UNION: A warm and personalized ceremony will be customized to be unique & memorable to you. We will provide you with suggestions of various intimate ceremony options for you to select from. We will as well integrate any inspirations you may have. The legal signature of the marriage documents will take place during your ceremony. Following the ceremony, Isabelle will deliver to the newlywed’s room the marriage document.

• POST CEREMONY – YOUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE / RECOGNITION OF YOUR MARRIAGE WITHIN YOUR PROVINCE, STATE, COUNTRY: You will be given easy and detailed instructions in order for you to order on-line your marriage certificate from the Quebec government. This must be done by the newlyweds in conformation with the Quebec province regulations. A delay of 30 days should be expected before the newlyweds receive by mail the certificate.