A marriage proposal!

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A marriage proposal must be unique to you both and memorable!

I have always loved creating scenarios from many little nothings that when all introduced to one another, become very special and magical!
The same applies when I design a marriage proposal scenario:  The details of your preferences and passions are combined to ensure that your proposal unveils the various elements of intrigue, surprise and emotions to set the stage for your unforgettable declaration of love.

Here is my ABC to assure a great marriage proposal…

An unexpected romantique site that you will cherish and will return to over the years to remind yourself of the OUI JE LE VEUX (Yes I will)!
My personal preference, charming outdoor venues that often go unnoticed but become enchanting and of great elegance upon a slight transformation.

A subtle lighting to enhance a site or a key element, candles, a specific piece of music that will be quietly introduced as your scenario unveils your grand love. I suddenly hear the first notes of Debussy’s Clair de lune!

An excellent champagne. This last point remains without explanation!

You may contact me to start the creation of your script!


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